VR Exhibition

Virtual Reality is offering unlimited space, for each artist. Not to worry about gravity, space or material costs was very tempting. The geographical distance is no longer a problem, artists from around the world can easily participate in one exhibition.

Exhibition in
South Korea

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Alessia Pennavaria

was born in Nuremberg and has italian and spanish roots. She studies at the academy of fine arts in Nuremberg with a main focus on installation and painting. Her works are characterized by greenness and lightness and deals childlike with various artistic issues.

Welcome! That´s my room.

Jayka Bak

is a Korean artist who works with painting and installation. With a conceptual approach, Bak recreates the “poetic moment”, which she refers to moments that are part of ordinary days, but the memories that she would relive for the rest of her life. Her abstract painting style lets the viewers to feel the ambience rather than focus on a certain story or an object. Bak, oftentimes, involves viewer in a physical way to heighten the sense that the moment is never gone.


Tacarra Lane

is a painter and street artist, living and working in her studio situated in Philadelphia. Lane strongly believes that “art should have no boundaries.” Lane gained an early interest in visual art through graffiti, and street culture, she became one of the most prominent member of the local street art scene. She expanded her works on murals, performance, illustration, and album producing.

Golden Hour

Joseph Lanzinger

currently residing in Nuremberg, Germany, is a visual artist, who questions the perception of reality. By cutting, filling, extending and cloning he remixes different kinds of visual communication and finds a way to give an extraordinary vision of the world. Lanzinger’s images are exaggerated in both color and content, presenting the object in an unusual perspective. This slightly heroic and apocalyptic aesthetic allows Lanzinger to set his chosen subject in an environment that reflects its meaning most dramatically.


Shila Rastizadeh

is an 3D-Artist with persian roots. She grew up in Bavaria, Germany. She studies CGI, Interaction Design, and Language in Multimedia at the Institute of Technology in Nuremberg. After working in an advertising agency she decided to continue her studies. At the Institute she learned how to build 3D worlds, 3D-printing, programming, writing and a lot of other things. The human being, Nature, Technology and Science are areas, that she is very interested in. This is why she studied Physics in her Semester abroad in Seoul. Shila wants to create the future ecologic, economic and human-friendly - combined with art.



Concept: we spoke to each artist and designed their room together
Scripting + VR: Shila Rastizadeh
CGI: Joseph Lanzinger
Photogrammetry: Shila Rastizadeh